Fire Retardant Indura 1-Layer Jacket - SFI 3.2A/1


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An affordable solution for your single layer needs. Deist Safety offers standard Indura® jackets with upgraded styling. The added arm stripes give an additional performance look. Our Standard Indura® jackets come complete with these features included:

Features include:

  • SFI 3-2A/1 Rated
  • Nomex® wrist cuffs
  • Two way Nomex® zipper
  • Pressure sensitive neck and zipper closure

What you should know

Deist Safety always puts the highest value on safety. Many of our competitors use materials like Proban in their suits to save cost. The down side is that materials such as Proban tend to loose their fire retardancy with washings.

When proper laundering procedures and laundry chemicals are used, Indura® fabrics will maintain their flame resistant properties for the life of the garment.

Indura® vs Nomex®

The weight of any natural fiber fabric when compared to synthetic counterparts is generally higher for a variety of reasons.

The cotton comfort factor allows for the additional weight, which is necessary to increase the physical characteristics for wearabilty purposes.

This scenario holds true in the case of Indura® in comparison to Nomex®.

The higher comparative weights of natural cotton-rich fabrics such as 7 oz/yd2 Indura® as compared to synthetic-fiber fabrics such as 4.5 oz/yd2 Nomex®, provides increased thermal insulating properties leading to enhanced protection-while remaining soft, breathable and more comfortable to the wearer.

  • Model: 01200