How to Pack Your Drag Chute

Seperate and straighten the suspension lines.

Start at the confluence point and work back to the canopy.

Start from bottom of pack, and fold suspension lines into rubber bands. Keep the ends of the loops about 3/4" through the rubber bands.

You will probably run out of room, but it's OK to start a second or third row on top of the one you've already folded.

If you don't use the rubber bands the lines are more likely to tangle and burn from friction.

Fold the canopy by picking it up at one of the main seams (the ones which attach to a suspension line) and gather it's skirt bands (the other seams) up next to it.

Repeat this process until all four panels can be held by the seams in one hand. As you do this you should be inspecting for damage to the chute.

Fold canopy into the pack. Make the folds beyond the edges of the pack, and then tuck them into the corners. A helper here is important, if not mandatory.

Lay the bridle line folded end over end on top of the canopy.

Push straight down on the pilot chute, while at the same time folding the four corners back over the top(the part you're pushing from).

Have your helper thread a string throu gh the loop at the top of the pilot chute, and thread it through the pack.

Proper order for threading the flaps is: 1) Bottom, 2) Top, 3) Side furthest from release cable, 4) Release cable side.

When threaded, slide pin, or release line, through loop, and remove string. Snap the release line onto the pack, and pound it into a nice square shape.

Hook the elastic straps onto the outside of the pack, and you're ready to stop.